About Us

Sending Hope International was founded in 2010 by Dr. David and Joyce Atkins of Wooster, Ohio, USA.  Dr. Atkins has been a pastor and orphan ministry director for 42 years and Joyce has been a school teacher for 39 years.  They founded Sending Hope International with the goal of rescuing at risk girls worldwide from potential exploitation, sex trafficking, and poverty.  The first campus of Sending Hope International was built in Wiang Pa Pao, Thailand in 2011.  Trail to Life Camp Thailand, also founded in 2011, is held each year for approximately 100 Thai boys and girls.  In Thailand, Sending Hope International houses 40 hill tribe girls at the present time.  SHI has total care of these girls, who range in age from 4-16. Six full-time hill tribe (Karen) staff members care for these girls.  Sending Hope Thailand partners with the Haven Foundation of Thailand.

In Cambodia, Sending Hope’s ministry began in 2015 with the arrival of Vottey Eng Heuchel and her family.  Our campus is located in Battambang, Cambodia. At the present time, we are building our first children’s home on our 3 acre campus. Until our house is finished, our 10 Cambodian girls and our 3 staff members are staying in a very nice rented home in Battambang.  Sometime in 2017, we anticipate finishing our home and moving our girls and staff there.  In April 2017, Sending Hope Cambodia will be hosting their first Trail to Life Camp program on our property.

In the fall of 2016, Sending Hope International purchased some land in Porto Velho, Rondonia, Brazil which we will be developing in the near future to be the center for our work there.  Other countries on the horizon for Sending Hope International are India and the Philippines.

Dr. Atkins has been the full-time Executive Director of Sending Hope International since its inception.  He is available to speak to churches, civic groups and special events to promote the ministry of Sending Hope International. Three times a year, Dr.  Atkins leads short term ministry teams to our locations in Thailand and Cambodia. These trips occur in April, July and October. Please see other parts of our website for exact dates,  trip applications and other forms to be filled out prior to going.  Our short term trips are available to anyone ages 17 and older, unless accompanied by one or both parents.  Over the past 7 years, more than 150 people have participated in a Sending Hope International short term trip.

We appreciate your prayers for Co-founders
and Executive Directors of Sending Hope International,
Dave and Joyce Atkins.

Contact Us:
phone: 330-464-2607
email: dave@sendinghopeinternational.org